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  Thoughts of suicide haunted Anita Rutnam long before she arrived at Syracuse University. She had a historyof mental illness and had even attempted to kill herself. During her junior year of college, she tried again. On a February morning in 1998, just days after a campus counselor recommended she be hospitalized for her suicidal tendencies, Rutnam threw herself off the eighth floor of a Syracuse dormitory.

  Miraculously, she survived. But three years later, Rutnam still feels the effects of that day. She has notbeen able to finish college and is suing her former school for malpractice. Her suit asserts that, given the campus counselor's advice, school officials should have done more to prevent her suicide attempt.

  This incident and others have thrown a spotlight on an issue that is causing growing concern in dorm roomsand students center. Are colleges providing adequate care for students who may be struggling with a range of mental illnesses? In the Syracuse cases, a spokesman for the school contends, "The University tried repeatedly to help Anita, and we felt that they acted appropriately." But lawyers are busy there and elsewhere.

  After accidents, suicide is the second biggest killer of kids in college. And while the number of studentswho kill themselves on campus is no higher than that of 18-to-24-year-olds in the general population, a series of sensational incidents has raised the question of whether troubled students are getting proper attention.

  So what are the schools' responsibilities to at-risk students, particularly those who may be genetically predisposed (易患……病的)to mental illness? College can be a breeding ground for Psychiatric problems. Poor eating habits and irregular sleeping patterns-especially combined with the academic stress of college life -may all play roles in triggering mental problems. Additionally, many of the major psychiatric illnesses including depression often do not manifest themselves until the late teens or early 20s.


  Choose correct answers to the question:

  1. Anita Rutnam couldn't finish college most probably because_____

  A. she couldn't get enough concern from Syracuse University

  B. she wasn't physically healthy enough to continue schooling

  C. she still kept thinking about killing herself whenever at school

  D. she has been troubled by the memory of the incident very often

  2. What does the author want us to know through Anita Rutnam's story?

  A. The universities are not responsible for their students.

  B. Suicides are popular on college campus and should be handled properly.

  C. Why Anita committed suicide is still a mystery.

  D. Universities should get prepared in case their students sue them.

  3. What does Anita accuse her former school of?

  A. Ignorance of her abnormal behaviors.

  B. Lack of safeguard against her suicidal intention.

  C. Failure to give her proper academic instructions.

  D. Indifference to her physical disease.

  4. How does Syracuse University defend itself against Anita's suit?

  A. It has given her due attention as well as help.

  B. Adult students should be able to control their own behavior.

  C. It is more than the school's responsibility to supervise the students.

  D. Colleges can be a breeding ground for psychiatric problems.

  5. All the following problems are implied as possible causes of campus suicide incidents EXCEPT _____.

  A. poor academic results

  B. failing to get proper sleep

  C. lack of family concern

  D. family history of mental illness

  1.[D] 事实细节题。根据题干定位第2段第2、3句。这两句之间存在隐含的因果关系,第2句是因,第3句是果。只有选项D在第2句提到其他选项均未提及。

  2.[B] 推理判断题。本文开头的例子所支持的现点在第3段第1句,同时结合suicide,此题答案为B。选项A、D的观点有误,选项C与本文的写作目的无关。

  3.[B] 事实细节题。第2段第3句中的malpractice和第4句中的虚拟语气说明,她认为学校没有对她的自杀企图采取足够的防范措施,故选B。选项A最具干扰性,但第3句说明学校关注过她的问题,只是关注不够,因此选项A过于绝对。选项C中的academic instructions和D中的physical disease属于与文章无关的信息。

  4.[A] 事实细节题。第4段倒数第2句引文是该校发言人的辩护词,与选项A的意思一致。选项B、C为无关信息。选项D是原文最后一段的原句照搬,与此题不相关。

  5.[C] 事实细节题。最后一段提到造成精神疾病的多种原因。第1句中的generally predisposed为先天具有之意,与选项D的内容吻合。选项B和A分别对应文中破折号前后的内容。


  It is not often realized that women held a high place in southern European societies in the 10th and 11th centuries. As a wife, the woman was protected by the setting up of a dowry (彩礼). Admittedly, the purposeof this was to protect her against the risk of desertion, but in reality its function in the social and family life of the time was much more important. The dowry was the wife’s right to receive a tenth of all her husband’s property. The wife had the right to with hold consent, in all transactions the husband wouldmake, and more than just a right; the documents show that she enjoyed a real power of decision, equal to that of her husband. In no case do the documents indicate any degree of difference in the legal status of husband and wife.

  The wife shared in the management of her husband’s personal property, but the opposite was not always true. Women seemed perfectly prepared to defend their own inheritance against husbands who tried to exceed their rights, and on occasion they showed a fine fighting spirit. A case in point is that of Maria Vivas. Having agreed with her husband Miro to sell a field she had inherited, for the needs of the household, she insisted on compensation. None being offered, she succeeded in dragging her husband to the scribe(法学家) to have a contract duly drawn up assigning her a piece of land from Miro’s personal inheritance. The unfortunate husband was obliged to agree, as the contract says, “for the sake of peace.” Either through the dowry or through being hot-tempered, the wife knew how to win herself, with the context of the family, a powerful economic position.ric illnesses including depression often do not manifest themselves until the late teens or early 20s.


  Choose correct answers to the question:

  1. A decimum was ________.

  A. the wife's inheritance from her father

  B. a gift of money to the new husband

  C.a protection of the wife’s right

  D. a written contract

  2. In the 10th and11th centuries in southern European, women’s social position was ______.

  A. higher than men’s

  B. as high as men’s

  C. lower than men’s

  D.never recognized

  3.The purpose of mentioning the case of Maria Vivas_____

  A.to show women had the same rights as,if not more than,their husband

  B.to prove hot-tempered woman held a powerful economic position

  C.to tell the readers the real situations in some countries

  D.to show the fight spirits of woman

  4.Could a husband sell his wife's inheritance?

  A. Yes, if she agreed.

  B. No, under no circumstances.

  C. Yes, whenever he wished to.

  D, Yes, if his father-in-law agreed.

  5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an effect of the dowry system?

  A. The husband had to share the power of decision in marriage.

  B. The wife could manage her husband’s personal property.

  C. The wife gained a powerful economic position.

  D. The wife would not be deserted by her husband.

  1.[C] 词义推断题。第1段第2句指出了 decimum的作用,即与“彩礼”相当,作为保护妇女的工具。第4句以 “The decimum was...”的句式指出其定义,综合这两句,可断定选项C正确。

  2.[B] 推理判断题。文章第1句就表明妇女当时的地位很高,第1段最后两句表明妇女与其丈夫的地位并无不同,是平等的,因此可以推断本题答案应为B。

  3.[A] 推理判断题。本题考查例子与观点的关系。该例子是为了证明其前面,即第2段开头两句的观点,选项A是对这两句话的总结。

  4.[A]推理判断题。本题考査从例子的推断。根据Maria Vivas的例子可确定答案,而且从第2段第4句中的Having agreed with her husband可推断售卖妻子继承的财产必须先征得妻子的同意,因此选项A正确。

  5.[D] 事实细节题。可用排除法找出答案。第1段倒数第2句可证明选项A正确,第2段首句可证明选项B正确,第2段末句可表明选项C正确,只有选项D太绝对。


  In the 1960s, medical researchers Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe developed a checklist of stressful events.They appreciated the tricky point that any major change can be stressful. Negative events like “serious illness of a family member” were high on the list, but so were some positive life-changing events, like marriage. When you take the Holmes-Rahe test you must remember that the score does not reflect how you dealwith stress—it only shows how much you have to deal with. And we now know that the way you handle these events dramatically affects your chances of staying healthy.

  By the early 1970s, hundreds of similar studies had followed Holmes and Rahe. And millions of Americans who work and live under stress worried over the reports. Somehow, the research got boiled down to a memorable message. Women’s magazines ran headlines like “Stress causes illness!” If you want to stay physicallyand mentally healthy, the articles said, avoid stressful events.

  But such simplistic advice is impossible to follow. Even if stressful events are dangerous, many—like thedeath of a loved one—are impossible to avoid. Moreover, any warning to avoid all stressful events is a prescription (处方) for staying away from opportunities as well as trouble. Since any change can be stressful, a person who wanted to be completely free of stress would never marry, have a child, take a new job or move.

  The notion that all stress makes you sick also ignores a lot of what we know about people. It assumes we’re all vulnerable (脆弱的) and passive in the face of adversity (逆境). But what about human initiative and creativity? Many come through periods of stress with more physical and mental vigor than they had before.We also know that a long time without change or challenge can lead to boredom, and physical and metal strain.


  Choose correct answers to the question:

  1. The result of Holmes-Rahe’s medical research tells us ________.

  A. the way you handle major events may cause stress

  B. what should be done to avoid stress

  C. what kind of event would cause stress

  D. how to cope with sudden changes in life

  22. The studies on stress in the early 1970’s led to ________.

  A. widespread concern over its harmful effects

  B. great panic over the mental disorder it could cause

  C. an intensive research into stress-related illnesses

  D. popular avoidance of stressful jobs

  23. The score of the Holmes-Rahe test shows ________.

  A. how much pressure you are under

  B. how positive events can change your life

  C. how stressful a major event can be

  D. how you can deal with life-changing events

  24. Why is “such simplistic advice” (Line 1, Para. 3) impossible to follow?

  A. No one can stay on the same job for long.

  B. No prescription is effective in relieving stress.

  C. People have to get married someday.

  D. You could be missing opportunities as well.

  25. According to the passage people who have experienced ups and downs may become ____.

  A. nervous when faced with difficulties

  B. physically and mentally strained

  C. more capable of coping with adversity

  D. indifferent toward what happens to them

  1.[C] 事实细节题。根据文章的第1句话可知,这两位科学家对造成人们压力的事件列了一个清单,故C与此相符,为正确答案。

  2.[A] 事实细节题。根据文章第2段第2句“…millions of Americans... worried over the reports.”可见此研究报告引起了 widespread concern,故选A。

  3.[A] 事实细节题。根据第1段第4句中的does not reflect..., it only shows...可知本题答案应为破折号后的内容,其中how much指的是how much stress,故可知A为正确答案。

  4.[D] 推理判断题。这里的建议是指第2段末尾提出的“避免带来压力的事”。根据第3段第3句“而且,警告人们远离压力,这个处方不仅使人避免麻烦,同时也使人放弃了机会”,故选D。

  5.[C] 推理判断题。根据文章倒数第2句“很多人经历一段时间的压力后,无论是身体还是精神都比原来更有活力”,故选C。








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