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  Many a young person tells me he wants to be a writer. I always __1__ such people,

  but I also explain that there’sa big difference between "being a writer" and writing. In most cases these individuals are dreaming of __2__ and fame, notthe long hours alone at a typewriter. "You’ve got to want to write," I say to them, "not want to be a writer."The reality is that writing is a __3__, private and poor-paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune there arethousands more whose longing is never __4__. When I left a 20-year career in the US. Coast Guard to become a freelancewriter.Ihad no __5__ at all. What I did have was a friend who found me my room in a New York apartment building. It didn’t even matter that it was __6__and had no bathroom. I immediately bought a used manual typewriter and feltlike a __7__ writer.After a year or so, however, I still hadn’t gotten a break and began to __8__ myself. It was so hard to sell a storythat __9__ made enough to eat. But I knew I wanted to write. I had dreamed about it for years. I wasn’t going to be one ofthose people who die wondering, what if? I would keeo putting my dream to the test----even though it meant living with __10__and fear of failure. This is the Shadow land of hope, and anyone with a dream learn to live there.

  A) barely B) genuine C) rewarded D) doubt E) lonely

  F) poverty G) persuade H) prospects I) uncertainty J)impossibly

  K) encourage L)awarded M) alone N)wealth   O)cold


  1. 选K)。 此处应填动词的原形。可选项有doubt, persuade, encourage, 但由always推知,作者是在鼓励那些想要成为作家的人,而不是怀疑也不是说服,故排除doubt和persuade而选encourage。

  2.选N)。由空格后的fame可知,此处应填名词。可选项有prospects和wealth,但由dreaming of 与第二段中The reality is... poor-paying可推知,那些想当作家的人梦想的是金钱和名誉,而不是前途,故排除prospects而选wealth。

  3.选E)。此处应填形容词,private, poor-paying一起修饰affair。选项中有lonely和alone,能修饰affair的只有lonely,alone表示“孤独的”时,通常作表语,故排除alone而选lonely。



  6.选O)。it指代的是apartment building,从had no bathroom可知这个公寓条件很差,选项中只有cold能说明公寓的条件差,故选择O)cold。

  7.选B)。“我马上买了一台旧的手动打字机,感觉自己就好像是一个......的作家”,由前面提到的to become a freelance writer可推知,此处作者是想成为一个真正的作家,故选项中只有genuine“真正的”符合题意。

  8.选D)。由空格前的to可知,此处应填动词的原形。可选项有doubt,persuade,encourage,但由still hadn’t gotten a break"在写作上还没有任何进展”,所以此处应理解为他开始怀疑自己的选择是否正确,故doubt符合文意。


  10.选I)。由空格后的and可知,此处应填名词。由fear of failure可知,所填词应表示不好的境遇,可选项有poverty和uncertainty;又由fear可推知,此处强调的是生活的变化无常,而不是生活的贫困,故选uncertainty。


  The typical pre-industrial family not only had a good many children, but numerous other dependents as well---grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousions. Such "extended" families were suited for survival in slow paced __1__ societies. But such families are hard to __2__. They are immobile.Industrialism demanded masses of workers ready and able to move off the land in pursuit of jobs, and to move again whenever necessary. Thus the extended family __3__ shed its excess weight and the so-called "nuclear" family emerged---a stripped-down, portable family unit __4__ only of parents and a small set of children. This new style family, far more __5__ than the traditional extended family, became the standard model in all the industrial counties. Super-industrialism, however, the next stage of eco-technological development, __6__ even higher mobility. Thus we may expect many among the people of the future to carry the streamlinling process, a step further by remaining children, cutting the family down to its more __7__ components, a man and a woman. Two people, perhaps with matched careers, will prove more efficient at navigating through education and social status, through job changes and geographic relocations, than teh ordinarily child-cluttered family . A __8__ may be the postponement of children, rather than childlessness. Men and women today are often torn in __9__ between a commitment to career and a commitment to children. In the future, many __10__ will sidestePthis problem by deferring the entire task of raising children until after retirement.

















  1. 选J)。此处应填形容词,修饰名次societies。文章第一句就说The typical pre-industrial family...“工业化之前的典型家庭模式......”, 即“extended" family存在于工业化之前的社会,即agricultural society。故J)正确。选项中的primary”最初的,原始的“不符合原文意思。

  2. 选A)。由be hard to do sth.可知,此处应填动词原形。They are immobile“这样的家庭很难流动”,这说明这样的家庭are hard to...,选项中由transplant和transport两个动词原形,前者指的是“迁居,迁移”,后者指的是运输,不难推断前者符合原文意思,故A)transplant正确。3. 选C)。因为这句话的句子结构完整,固此处应填副词。选项中的副词有gradually和continually,原文中...and the so-called "nuclear" family emerged.所谓的“核心家庭”便出现了“,emerge的意思是“浮现" ,强调经过一个过程后出现的。由此可以判断,这句话坏死说明核心家庭从无到有逐渐出现,而不是连续不断地出现,故选择C)gradually>

  4. 选O)。该句可拆分理解,即a family unit... of parents and a smell set of children "一个家庭单元......父母和不多的孩子“,由此可以推出这里要填的词是表示”包含,由......组成“的。选项中的including和consisting均可以表示此意,但由原文中的of可排除including,consist of为固定刺诸,故O)为正确答案。

  5. 选H)。从原文中的more...than可知,此处应填形容词,构成形容词的比较级结构。由第一段最后一句可知the traditional extended family是immobile,那么新型的家庭模式比旧的因该是更有流动性,故应选H)mobile,说明新型的家庭模式的优点。

  6. 选M)。此处应填动词,作这句话的谓语。Super-industrialism“(更发达的)超级工业化”......更具流动性的家庭。可推知空格处应填表示“需要,需求”的词。requires表示出自一种迫切的需要而提出的要求,很明显选择M)requires。

  7. 选E)。此处应填形容词,用来修饰名词components。文中说明家庭被减缩到最......的成员,即由男人和女人组成,男人和女人是一个家庭最基本的成员。选项中的E)elemental“基本的,本质的”,而N)primary“主要的,最早的”,原文强调的是男人和女人是一个家庭最basic的组成部分,故E)更符合原文意思。

  8.选l)。此处应填名词。上段说两人家庭的优点,本句中提到rather than childlessness“而不是不要孩子”,说明晚要孩子是解决工作和孩子的折中的办法,故选项中的L)compromise“妥协,折中”符合文意。而solution虽然也表示解决办法,但不能表达夫妇们无可奈何的心情,故排除。

  9.选F)。上题中已提到工作和要孩子之间存在矛盾即conflict,根据上下文意思,这个题相对容易。中 华 考 试 网


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