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  America’s most popular newspaper website today announced that the era of free onlinejournalism is drawing to a close. The New York Times has become the biggest publisher yet toset out plans for a paywall around its digital offering, _1_ the accepted practice that internetusers will not pay for news.

  Struggling with an evaporation of advertising and a downward drift in street corner sales, TheNew York Times intends to introduce a “metered” model at the beginning of 2011. Readers willbe required to pay when they have _2_ a set number of its online articles per month.

  The decision puts the 159-year-old newspaper on the charging side of an _3_ wide chasm (鸿沟)in the media industry. But others, including the Guardian, have said they will not _4_internet readers.

  The New York Times's publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, _5_ that the move is a gamble. Boasting aprint _6_ of 995,000 on weekdays and 1.4 million on Sundays, The New York Times is the thirdbestselling American newspaper, behind the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. While most USpapers focus on a single city, The New York Times is among the few that can claim _7_ scope—as well as 16 bureaus in the New York area, it has 11 offices around the US and maintains 26bureaus elsewhere in the world.

  But like many in the publishing industry, the paper is in the grip of a _8_ financial crisis. Itsparent company, the New York Times Company, has 15 papers, but _9_ a loss of $70 million inthe nine months to September and recently accepted a $250 million _10_ from a Mexicanbillionaire, Carlos Slim, to strengthen its balance sheet.

  A) national B) interactively C) circulation D) loan

  E) crude F) exceeded G) charge H) ascend

  I) abandoning J) suffered K) serious L) deducting

  M) increasingly N) evaluation O) acknowledged


  1.[I]空格所在句主谓宾结构完整,故需填入及物动词的分词形式,作伴随状语。空格前说《纽约时报》着手制定对电子新闻产品收费的计划,空格后说现行的习惯做法(the accepted practice)是互联网为用户提供免费新闻,可见它要“放弃”这种习惯做法,abandoning “放弃”符合句意。

  2.[F]此处需填入谓语动词,由have可知为过去分词形式。根据动词宾语a set number of...(—定量的),填人exceeded “超过”符合句意,表示:当读者每月阅读网上文章超过一定量时,就被要求付费。



  5.[O]此处需填入谓语动词,其后宾语从句意为:此举是一种赌博。这是讲Arthur Sulzberger的看法,应使用过去时态.acknowledged “承认”符合语义。


  7.[A]此处需填人scope的修饰语,可为名词、形容词或分词。上半句讲到,多数美国报纸都立足于某个城市,句首表转折对比的while表明后半句是讲《纽约时报》覆盖的范围广,故选national一词,与上半分句的 asingle city形成对比。

  8.[K]此处需填人形容词或分词,修饰financial crisis“金融危机”。从下文所说的母公司所遭受的巨额损失a lossof $70 million,可知金融危机是serious“严重的”。

  9.[J]此处需填人谓语动词,后接宾语a loss of...。suffered a loss为常见搭配,表示“遭受损失”。



  The U.S. dollar was supposed to be at the end of its rope. Kicking the bucket. A dying symbolof a dying empire. Well, maybe not. The dollar continues to _1_ gloom-and-doom predictions.After a swoon (低迷)last year, the dollar is again enjoying a major _2_. The U.S. dollar index,which measures the dollar’s value against other major currencies, is just off an eight-monthhigh.

  The main reason behind the dollar’s recovery is actually no real surprise at all. There is no _3_able to replace the dollar as the world’s No.l currency. What makes currencies so fascinatingis that their perceived value is always relative to other currencies. Sure, the U.S. budget deficitis _4_, the government’s debt is increasing, and Wall Street is still repairing itself. But the dollarremains the prettiest of a flock of ugly ducklings. Is any other major industrialized economy_5_ better off than the U.S.? Not really. Just about the _6_ developed world is suffering withthe same problems. That’s why when investors get nervous, they still rush to the good olddollar. The dollar wins because no one else is really in the game.

  The euro has been exposed as a _7_. Only a few months ago, economists truly believed theeuro could _8_ the dollar as the top reserve currency. Now experts are questioning if theeuro has a future at all. The Greek debt crisis has _9_ that the euro is only as strong as itsweakest link.

  Maybe over the next 20 or 30 years,the dollar will slowly lose the _10_ status it holds today.That process, however, could well be driven by the appearance of new rivals.

  A)fraud B)consistently C)dominant D)expanding

  E)entire F)incentive G)rival H)alleged

  I)defy J)particularly K)alternative L)relative

  M)revealed N)intriguing O)rally


  1.[I] continues to表明此处需填入动词原形。上文的maybe not提示美元可能未没落,本句内容延续此意。而空格后的gloom-and-doom predictions表示“美元注定走向没落的预测”,故空格处填人的词应含有否定含义,defy“不服从,蔑视;挑战”符合语境。

  2.[O]根据空格前的enjoying和a,可知此处应填人含积极意义的单数名词。rally有“价格回稳之意,跟下文的an eight-month high及recovery照应,表示美元经过了去年的低迷,再次止跌回升了。

  3.[K]此处需填入名词。根据空格后的后置定语“能代替美元作为世界第一货币”,可知alternative“供选择的东西”符合语境,与replace the dollar…语义连贯。


  5.[J]空格所在句主干结构完整,意为:是否有其他国家的工业化经济比美国还要好?故应填入副词。Particularly“尤其”可形容程度,符合上下文语义。下文Not really表明其他国家的工业化经济都比不上美国,故排除 consistently “一贯地;一向”。

  6.[E]此处应填人修饰developed world的词。上文的Not really表明没有哪个工业化国家比美国更好,故此处表示“全部的”发达国家都遭受同样的问题,entire与上文any other呼应,符合语境。

  7.[A]不定冠词a表示此处应填入可数名词单数形式。下文说到,经济学家之前完全相信(truly believed)欧元可以作为最好的储备货币,而现在专家们对此表示质疑(questioning)。因此空格所在句表达的意思应为欧元不可信,fraud“骗子”符合上下文语义。

  8.[G] could表明此处需填入动词原形。根据空格后的as the top reserve currency(作为最佳储备货币),可知此处表示欧元和美元竞争该殊荣,rival“竞争;相匹敌”符合语境。



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