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  Now, our country the number of straight line rise, because the two populations, a series of problem, here, I'll give you something about with that!

  The current family planning policy is unfair, urban residents having only one child, rural residents the first child is female of, can have two children. To have two children, however, leads to the housing problem, population increase, also takes more house, now scientists show that China's housing life for 30 years, while western countries housing service life is 2 times of our country, therefore, our country's house of fast, down too fast, the house is always not enough, so a few people who are facing problems don't have a house to live.

  Today, our country's arable land has also been a lot of problems, such as: 1, due to the large area reclamation woodland lawn, cultivated land is widening. 2, due to the large-scale afforestation, reduce cultivated land quickly. 3, due to water loss and soil erosion, land desertification, human development blindly, arable land decrease quickly. 4, due to the impact of foreign agricultural products, a large number of cultivated land desolate. Because of population increase, to a large number of land reclamation, to a large number of occupation of land, only in this way can we have a new technology, will have a house to live in. So, our country's land area is greatly reduced. But, our country a lot of land is occupied, can continuously reduce the cultivated land area, arable land decrease, many kinds of food less, even some people starve to death. Two population increase, the employment problem also more and more competition, such as: 1, the our country population base is big, need more employment, employment peak last a long time. 2, needs to improve employment mechanism, talent market, labor market development has yet to be perfected, labor elements configuration has not yet reached full optimization. 3, employment concept updating, lack of initiative 'entrepreneurial enthusiasm, "such as" "by" the ideas of the "to" still exist, not from their own and realistic environment, employment expectations are too high. So, young people in employment in our country may not work, can't bring home the bacon. In order to themselves and others in the future, please have fewer, eugenics. Boy or girl, is the backbone of the motherland in the future.





  China is a great country with the largest population in the world. In order to solve the population problem, our government decides to implemented one-child policy. When it is carried out for some time, many people not only see its advantages but also disadvantages. Thus, people argue that two-child policy should be put into effect. In my opinion, two-child policy should be carried out.


  First of all, two-child policy is the gift for some only child. For some families, maybe the parents are only child and they also can have only child. Put aside the loneliness of their child, when their child grows up and they grow older, their child marry with an only child girl accidentally, the burden on their child and his wife is unimaginable heavy. Their child and his wife have to take care of two old couples. Usually, a young couple looking after an old couple is a little difficult; if the pressure increasing twice, how can they stand it. But if their parents have two children, they can share the burden of taking care of their parents. It would be much better.


  Secondly, two-child policy can guarantee the number of Chinese population. As the widely spread of one-child policy, some people have changed their conception about giving birth. If they firmly believe one-child policy, there will be more and more the dink. After several decades, our country will famous for lack of population.


  In conclusion, one-child policy has out of date. And tow-child policy is needed and necessary. It can solve the problem of nowadays and the future.



  Today, I'm going to talk aobut a change to China's population policy.


  China introduced one-child policy in the late 1970s. This policy has been credited with helping to control China's population growth.


  It's also been criticized for forcing parents to make difficult personal choices, or in some cases face huge fines.


  According to a statement issued on October 29th,2015 by the Communist Party of China Central Committee, China further relaxed its more than three-decade-old family planning policy. The statement said the country's aging trend would be actively addressed by the universal two-child policy.


  Additionally, From my personal view, One reason for the change, economics. In China, many people care for their elderly relatives, so a single child could end up being financially responsible for parents and grandparents. This new policy could help with that.

  改革的其中原因之一是经济方面。在中国,很多人都需要照顾上了年岁的长辈亲戚, 所以一个孩子最终可能会对父母和祖父母的财务负责。而新出台的政策就可以在这方面起到作用。

  Another reason, China wants to improve human rights by the universal two-child policy.



  Emerging from the cartoon is an eye-catching scene that the parents are willing to have a second child, while their only child do not agree because of his worry that he doesn't want to have another child, even his own sibling, share toys with him. Simple as it is, the symbolic meaning revealed is profound and thought-provoking.

  We are supposed to place our attention on, instead of its funny appearance, the implied meaning of the cartoon: as the overall second-child policy expands throughout China, some only children are so selfish that they cannot accept the second child in their family. What can account for this undesirable situation? For one thing, they, as the only child at home all the time, have no awareness of sharing what they like with others due to the fact that all the family members give their love to the only child. As a result, when faced with the problem of whether they are willing to have a sibling, their first response is to refuse it. For another reason, some couples are eager to have a second child as soon as possible, which makes them neglect to communicate with their only child to let them realize the advantage of having a sibling companion in their childhood.

  From what has been discussed above, it's safe for me to conclude that it is urgent to take some immediate and effective measures. What I recommend is that parents should let child know the importance of sharing with others, which is beneficial for them in future life. In addition, it's better for parents to have more communication with their only child once they want to have a second child.

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