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  大学英语四级易考范文:Changing the Major in University

  Recently it has become a common phenomenon for college students to apply for changingtheir majors.

  In this way, they can learn what they’re most interested in if their applications are approved.

  Although it may bring unfavorable consequences, we can be sure to conclude that this practiceis favorable on the whole.

  To begin with, some students can’t choose their favorite major because their entranceexamination scores are not satisfactory enough, but the new system of changing major givesthem a second chance.

  Moreover, once they are learning their favorite major, they will probably be more confident anddiligent than before.

  Finally, students learn largely the same basic courses during the first one or two years, sochanging major will not bring learning difficulties.

  In a word, we can naturally arrive at the conclusion that it is beneficial and rewarding.

  This system not only gives students a second chance to choose their major, but also preparesthem for the coming competition.

  大学英语四级易考范文:How to Eliminate Cheating on Campus

  Nowadays,instead of listening attentively in class and working hard after class, a number ofstudents adopt all kinds of dishonest methods to get high scores in examinations.

  It has become such a serious problem that it has aroused the concern from the whole society.

  To put an end to such a serious problem, in my mind, it calls for the efforts from all sides.

  First of all, the university authority should make it clear that any cheating behaviors in theexaminations, from whispering, copying and receiving answers via mobile phones to askingringers for help, will be severely punished with no exception.

  Moreover,teachers of all subjects should go all the way to restore honesty by setting anexample for the youth through speaking sincerely and behaving truthfully.

  Last but not least, young students, the future of our nation, should view integrity as theprerequisite to an upright and responsible citizen so as to learn to despise and fightdishonest behaviors throughout the life.

  Only when all of us join in the efforts of eliminating cheating at all levels can we expect to have acleaner society and a more beautiful future.


  Directions: Write a composition entitled On Online Chatting. You should write at least 120words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

  1. 网上聊天越来越流行;

  2. 有人反对它,有人赞同;

  3. 我的看法。


  On Online Chatting

  With the development of IT, online chatting is becoming increasingly popular with manypeople.

  However, people’s opinions about it vary from person to person. Some think that it hasmore problems than benefits. First, it is a waste of time, energy and money as it doesn’tproduce any useful information and products. Second, it is misleading to its users becausecyberspace is actually an imaginary space where things are unreal or fictional.

  But the advocates of online chatting support it because it is another way of recreation whichis both exciting and relaxing. Besides, it helps them release their emotions and worries freelyand safely. To them, it is very useful and wonderful.

  As far as I am concerned, whether online chatting is good or bad depends on the personwho does it.

  control we can use it cientifically and properlyandcurbjits bad effect to the greatestextent. (159 words)


  increasingly adv.渐增地 vary v.变化

  a waste of ...浪费

  misleading adj.引入歧途的

  cyberspace n.网络空间

  imaginary space虚构的空间

  fictional adj.虚幻的,虚构的

  advocate n.支持者

  recreation n.媒:乐,消遣

  release v.释放

  so long as 只要

  curb v.控制

  to the greatest extent 最大限度



  With the rapid development of economy/the remarkable improvement of people’s livingstandard….


  be faced with new opportunities and challenges


  It is commonly believed/ recognized that…


  the inevitable result of social/technological development


  arouse wide public concern/ draw public attention

  6. 产生深远影响:

  have/has a profound influence on; have/has dramatic/

  undesirable effect on


  hold a totally different argument


  be indispensable to …


  play an increasingly important role in…


  As a famous western proverb/saying goes that


  When it comes to “what campus activity that has benefited you most”, I can’t help rememberingthe change4life campaign. This campus activity rallies us to protect our physical health.

  There are, to my mind, plenty of identifiable factors. To begin with, this campus activity hasinformed me that physical health is most precious to us. Nothing can replace with ourfitness. What’s more, this campus campaign holds varieties of health clubs, which give menumerous tips on how to keep our fitness. Last but not least, by taking part in this campusactivity, I develop some good habit. For example, every morning, I run for a while. Again, Ispend the bulk of every weekend on climbing Xiang Mountain.

  Therefore, I confirm that the change4life campaign is the campus activity that has benefited memost. If it had not been, I could not have enjoyed my health.

  大学英语四级易考范文:The Most Impressive Classmate in My College

  Without question, Lisa is the person who has influenced my college life most. She is myclassmate, who always leaves a deep impression on you by demonstrating her passion for lifeand the spirit of never yielding, even in the face of extreme challenges. She is the mostcourageous person I have ever known.

  During my college years, it is Lisa that kept teaching me how to live through setbacks in the lifejourney. I’ll never forget that when I failed in my English examination and I felt overwhelmed,Lisa taught me that failure teaches success, everyone had to persevere and face up toinnumerable setbacks, as long as I face my problems bravely, I would create my own wonderfullife . With her help , I finally gained the confidence and passed the exam.

  Thanks to Lisa, I have learned the importance of courage, which is the indispensablecharacteristic in my life. She also let me know the importance of confidence. It means a lot tome and still in my head till this day.




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